iZettle AB (the parent company) and its subsidiaries are engaged in the payment services business through its parent company in the European market and through its parent company’s subsidiaries in Mexico and Brazil. Both independently and linked to the payment services, the group also offers cloud-based point-of-sale systems and related products and services adapted for small companies’ operations. Overall, the group is focused on providing payment, financing and software services that help entrepreneurs to get paid, sell smarter and grow their business.

Through subsidiaries in Germany, Spain and Norway, and through the parent company’s branch in the UK, supporting market and customer services are provided. The operations of the parent company’s Swedish subsidiary, iZettle Merchant Services AB, as well as those of the parent company’s Scottish subsidiary, Intelligent Point of Sale Ltd, focus on developing, producing and selling software, mobile accessories and services that simplify the use of the parent company’s basic offerings. The Swedish subsidiary iZettle Capital AB is engaged in financing operations linked to the iZettle Advance payment service.